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Review: Rolando (Free, $5.99): ngmoco:), Hand Circus

Posted by Appgamr on June 17, 2009

++  Rolando is the gold standard for cute, addictive, all-ages fun with the iPhone/iPod.  Use motion control (in apps-speak, the acceleromator) and your finger to help the little happy-faced balls  through little maze-like tunnels and puzzles.  Fun and easy to learn.  The music seems to be classy, jazzy saxophone, flutes, and cymbals at a nice medium beat.  Graphics are cute, appealing to kids of all ages, dancing on the screen yet easy on the eyes and nerves.

Easy and pleasant to be addicted to, Rolando is a must have for every iPhone/iPod owner as it is an all-ages, many uses, crowd-pleaser and example of what an iPhone/iPod app can and should do.  Look for Rolando 2, Quest for the Golden Orchid, in Summer 2009.  Rolando 2 will be connected with Plus+, ngmoco’s social network and in-game payments system.  Two thumbs up.

On June 29, when ngmoco proposed to remove Rolando from the App Store to prepare for the upcoming Rolando 2 launch, users threw tantrums, and ngmoco quickly reversed its policy, keeping Rolando available at the App Store.


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