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Review: Terminator Salvation (Free): Gameloft, Warner Bros., The Halcyon Company

Posted by Appgamr on June 17, 2009

Play my iPhone game or die!

Play my iPhone game or die, human!

++  Terminator Salvation is a good-looking example of what third-person shooter games can be on the iPhone/iPod Touch.  There’s nothing lacking in game play, action, looks, and control.  I immediately got absorbed in the task of finding the killer robots and shooting them.  I’m not normally a third-person shooter fan, but this was easy, compelling, and immersive right off the bat.

The music and graphics are very good, not over the top fantastically original or mind-blowing.  Terminator Salvation the free app store game is an extremely competent and entertaining execution of the John Connor franchise on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

To be honest, though, Gameloft mobile games are always top-notch, and I expect high-end, capable iPhone/iPod execution from Gameloft.  I’ll be trying other Gameloft app store games very soon, as Gameloft puts out quality mobile games, and this iPhone/iPod Touch game is no different.  Thumbs up.


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