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Review: Restaurant City (Facebook, Playfish)

Posted by Appgamr on June 18, 2009

Lindsay, Joanne, and Shaya are your Restaurant City staffers.

Lindsay, Joanne, and Shaya are your Restaurant City staffers.

++  Love cooking?  Love food?  Dream about starting a restaurant?  You can do it for free and instantly on Facebook at Restaurant City, published by Playfish.  Playfish is a leading social games publisher, producing high-quality Facebook-based games such as Pet Society and Restaurant City.

Restaurant City’s winning feature is its accessibility.  You can recruit your Facebook friends, their names and images anyway, to collaborate with you on your restaurant.  They don’t need to do anything.  They don’t even need to click a button and say, OK.  I guess Playfish thinks (rightly in my opinion) if they agreed to be your Facebook friend, they probably wouldn’t mind if you used their names and images in your free Facebook game.  Your recruited friends get occasional Restaurant City updates by Facebook.

By automating the activity to a minimum degree of interaction, Restaurant City players are able to advance to higher levels just by being registered long enough.  Offline, your wait staff feeds customers and makes money.  They work their shifts as if you were online the whole time.  If you play for ten minutes per day, you will see your restaurant, menu, and wait staff grow with a minimum amount of interaction.  Restaurant City’s automated game play approach is a great way for lazy or busy people to advance and see higher levels.

Casual game purists will say “this isn’t really a game.”  They are probably right.  It is a casual casual game: the kind made for you to have a daily diversion and common experience with your Facebook friends.  I like Playfish’s Pet Society and love Restaurant City.  Two thumbs up.


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