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Review: Your Shape ($60, camera and game bundle): Ubisoft, Wii

Posted by Appgamr on June 19, 2009

Camera on top of TV analyzes and advises you on your workout.

Camera on top of TV analyzes and advises you on your workout.

+  Ubisoft’s addition to the fitness revolution on the Wii platform is a TV-mounted camera that will analyze your body’s shape and in real-time give you workouts targeted to your body’s problem areas.

Yup, for $60, you get a camera and a game that analyzes your body and gives you custom workouts.

Following EA Active’s fitness package and several other fitness-oriented peripherals on the Wii, Ubisoft is ahead of the pack by releasing an innovative custom tool to make your workout smarter and more personalized.  Ubisoft’s Your Shape camera is the earliest no-controller Wii games on top of the no-more controller-just-gesture-with-your-body trend in games. 

Next year, Microsoft will be releasing fitness oriented Natal games, which, like Ubisoft’s Your Shape, will analyze and enable you to play games without handheld controllers, numchucks, joysticks, etc.

No more controllers, no more numchuks, no more joysticks, just shake your body and arms, is truly a livingroom entertainment video game revolution in the making.

Pre-order Your Shape on GameStop or look for the camera-game bundle this Fall 2009.


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