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Review: Touch Hockey (Free, $1.99): Flipside5

Posted by Appgamr on June 22, 2009

Red is you, Blue is the computer.

Red is you, Blue is the computer.

++  Back when I was still a wee PinkGamr, I loved going to ChuckECheese and playing air hockey.  Unlike ping pong or foosball, air hockey relies less on hand-eye coordination and strategy and more on speed, since you only need to do two things.  Keep your eye on the puck and prevent it from entering your goal.  Smash the puck into the opposing goal.  The end.

Now you can have a well-crafted, classic and simple air hockey in your pocket by downloading the free or $1.99 version of Touch Hockey on the iPhone/iPod Touch, published by Flipside 5, aka FS5.

Free version is a single player game based on your flicking your finger to and against an air hockey puck pushed by an artificial intelligence opponent (sounds complicated but isn’t; AI just means you play against an automated computer opponent).

The effect is an elegant, simple, diverting and joyful game of air hockey on your iPhone/iPod Touch appropriate for all ages.  I would feel comfortable giving a 5 year old kid this game to play to divert him or her while waiting at a store or restaurant; this classic and elegant game is the farthest from mind pollution you can get.

The pay $1.99 version is multiplayer.

Touch Hockey is a breath of fresh air.  Get it.  Two thumbs up.


One Response to “Review: Touch Hockey (Free, $1.99): Flipside5”

  1. Dave Kirby said

    We are glad you enjoyed Touch Hockey, and thank you for taking the time to review it. One footnote to add is that in the free version multiplayer is available. The only difference between the free version and the $1.99 version is that the free version is ad supported.

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