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Review: Wild West (Free): Gameprom

Posted by Appgamr on June 22, 2009

Wild West wants your time.  Hand it over.

Wild West wants your time. Hand it over.

++  Wild West Pinball is the gold standard by which all iPhone/iPod Touch pinball games should be judged by, in my opinion.  Alluring nude, brown, and red colors and graphics, nice details, modest pinball sounds (ping! ping! bloop!) make this classic pinball game immediately addictive.  It will be the game I reach for every time I have a 5 minute break.  It’s not hard, but I need to work at it to get better, and each game is lasting 1 to 2 minutes for me.

You use your finger to propel the ball and flip your flippers.  Visually beautiful and 3-D like wood background.

Gameprom, the publisher, impresses all with its good-looking and classic execution.  There’s a lot more they can do with the Wild West theme, like cowboys, stage coaches, and rodeo, and there’s a lot in the pinball genre, like pachinko, the pinball for money obsession in Japan.

It is not a fault, because pinball is not intended to have motion sensitivities, but the only critical comment I’ll make is that motion sensors or acceleromators were not used.  This game is so well-executed that I’d like to see Gameprom release a game using these iPhone/iPod Touch specific game features.

I was very impressed by Wild West Pinball and think every iPhone/iPod Touch should have it.  I’m going to look for other well-executed, well-priced classic games from Gameprom.  Two thumbs up.


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