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Opinion: Plus+ is the future of real-time social networked games

Posted by Appgamr on June 22, 2009

Join Plus by flicking on the Plus+ button in the upper right of the screen.

Join Plus by flicking on the Plus+ button in the upper right of the screen.

Feel lonely on the iPhone/iPod Touch?  Want community features?  Want to play multiplayer games securely?  Not crazy about enabling your real-time location and status to any weirdo on the iPhone or permanently to random game publishers?

Plus+, by trusted publisher ngmoco and announced last week, is going to be huge.  iPhone/iPod Touch games revolution and the future lie in its location-based services ability.

However, giving away your location and status to just anyone is like posting your credit card number on the Internet.  Most people won’t abuse your private information, but there are enough crazies and spammers out there to make location not information to give away lightly.

For example, I have turned down and not tested many multiplayer iPhone games because they ask me to give them my real-time location information.  Do you really want the world to know the precise location of your bedroom, to know when you’re in the bathroom, taking a lunchbreak, visiting friends, watching TV, sitting by the computer, playing video games, sleeping, driving, commuting?  I guess some people do, but most people don’t.

Without Plus+ or similar trusted social network intermediary, you have no assurance on how to prevent unwanted leaks or breaches to very essential real-time privacy.  A lot of iPhone/iPod Touch developers come and go and nothing prevents uncommitted developers from exploiting private information.

Google and Facebook’s popularity lies partly in their trusted intermediary position.

Facebook is essentially a walled garden that tracks your online actions and updates them to your trusted friends and not just any bozos in the world.  ngmoco’s Plus+, with its credible associations and industry leadership, looks to become the Facebook or trusted community for all games.

It’s going to be huge.  Join the Plus+ community if you want a secure place to organize your iPhone/iPod Touch friends and real-time information.  If you belong to Facebook or XBox Live, you already know how this works and why this is a big value to you.  Available on ngmoco’s Rolando and Star Defense.


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