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Review: Spore Galactic Adventures is here!

Posted by Appgamr on June 23, 2009

Customize your Creature and take on the Galaxy!

Customize your Creature and take on the Galaxy!

Today is Spore Galactic Adventures release day, a dawn for Spore on the Wii and iPhone platforms.

The Sims is the best selling PC game of all time, over 100 million copies shipped worldwide and growing.  Last month TheSims3 took the world by storm and dominates iPhone and PC bestseller lists.

But in my opinion, the more compelling sims game is Spore.

In The Sims, your Sim goes potty, goes on dates, finds a job, and does things real people should be doing.

In Spore you are in the driver’s seat of evolution.  You play nature, primordial beginnings, physical and social adaptations, civilizations, space travel.  You create cute creatures and help them survive and thrive.  It’s The Sims for people who love adventure and science.

You make friends with creatures, and you also fight them to survive.  You have claws, poisonous pincers, long legs, weapons, allies and enemies.

Spore is a smart, satisfying, imaginative and engaging game every kid should play.  He or she will have days of addictive gameplay and something to write about on his or her biology exam.

Today is Spore Release Day.  Look for it on the iPhone, online, and GameStop.  Get a free Creature Creator and free iPhone game.  I downloaded both.  They’re both large files and take longer than average to load.  I will update later on my experiences.

However, I loved Spore Origins the original PC game, thought it was a unique, compelling PC game that caters to core and casual gamers along with universally appealing challenges and stories.  I am confident the Maxis folks have created yet another awesome experience, this time including livingroom and portable versions on the Wii and iPhone.

Stay tuned for my iPhone and Wii reviews.


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