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Review: Bionic Surfer (Free), Robert Casperson, iPhone

Posted by Appgamr on June 26, 2009

Bionic Surfer is cold without his shirt on in the forest fighting aliens.

Bionic Surfer is cold without his shirt on in the forest fighting aliens.

Infatuated with Faith in EA’s Mirror’s Edge?  Raised on Super Mario Brothers?  Want a character who resembles Keanu Reeves, running, jumping, and climbing with inexplicably well-defined six-pack abs?  You need to check out Bionic Surfer on the iPhone.  It’s FREE on the iPhone/iPod Touch, a nice example of Robert Casperson’s imagination, execution, and sense of humor.

As with Mirror’s Edge, you control a character who is on a spy mission that requires you to run and jump.  Bionic Surfer is an amiable hero who runs and jumps over exploding barrels, levers, and bounce plates.  He also shoots aliens with laser guns and flame torches.  Occasionally, he climbs trees in this 2D action adventure.

Since Bionic Surfer is nowhere near water and instead fights aliens in wooded parks, it’s not clear why he needs to run around topless and with such great abs.  You would have to ask Robert Casperson the developer why his hero wears board shorts a la Baywatch instead of Army camouflage or James Bond spy clothing.  It’s kind of like dressing Faith in a red bikini instead of sleek Banana Republic spy apparel.

A surprisingly well-crafted, good-looking running and jumping adventure game with a bionic surfer who fights aliens.


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