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Review: 3-D Rollercoaster Rush (Free): Digital Chocolate, iPhone

Posted by Appgamr on June 29, 2009



Want a rollercoaster in your pocket?  Get 3-D Rollercoaster Rush FREE from the iPhone.  3-D Rollercoaster Rush is a somewhat clunky name for a compelling rollercoaster game that accelerates and moves according to your control of the iPhone’s motion detection.  It is an upgrade from Digital Chocolate’s earlier 2-D Rollercoaster Rush.

Digital Chocolate is part of the old guard in mobile games; the iPhone is just another mobile platform.  I wonder if Digital Chocolate ported Rollercoaster Rush from another mobile platform instead of creating a new game customized for the iPhone.  In my opinion, it doesn’t take a genius to say the game would be more compelling in the first person than in the third person, meaning you see the falls and climbs on the rails close-up, in your face, get scared by the speed, twists, sounds of possible sudden death, rather seeing the little people shriek and bounce, like a Rolando on rails.

ngmoco is part of the new guard, recently immersed in the latest AAA games.  Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have a first person rollercoaster game with the perspective and art of a first person racing game like Need for Speed, plus the motion detection capabilities, personalization, and maybe social aspects, of the iPhone?


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