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Review: Hero of Sparta (Free, $0.99), Gameloft, iPhone

Posted by Appgamr on June 30, 2009

Hero of Sparta is an action game for everyone.

Hero of Sparta is an action game for everyone.

++  Loved the movie 300?

Always wondered why some guys sit in their basements and play action-adventures days on end?

For every gal and guy who wanted to relate to brethren who play WoW or pretend to be Greek warriors, Hero of Sparta on the iPhone is the best and easiest way to get started.

I didn’t expect to fall in love with the idea of being a third person Spartan warrior slashing opposing fighters and monsters with a long sword.  The graphics, storytelling, and action are surprisingly high quality for a free or near free game.  Honestly, when folks talk about the iPhone/iPod Touch as the “console in your pocket,” they should use Hero of Sparta as an example.

I have a theory: core games and monster fighting games haven’t caught on with casual gamers, who have had bad experiences trying to set up convoluted PC games or console games.

Casual gamers including myself can’t remember the keyboard strokes, find the challenges too difficult, the joystick controls not intuitive, to have fun with most core games.  Core games’ demanding learning curve turns off busy guys and gals, the casual gamers, who are larger in numbers.  Action-adventure games would have bigger, more diverse audiences if they offer simpler formats without losing drama and fun.

Anyway, I love Hero of Sparta for making it easy and gore-free for me to slash at monsters and advance to the next level.  In 5 minutes, I was able to land on a beach, kill attacking soldiers, use a super-power to defeat two monsters, all in a very nice, forward-moving action story set in ancient Greece.  From Gameloft, a game brand on the iPhone that means high quality to me.  Two thumbs up.


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