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Review: Amateur Surgeon (Free, $1.99), Adult Swim, iPhone

Posted by Appgamr on July 1, 2009

Nurse, hand me a scapel.

Nurse, hand me a scapel.

Sick sense of humor?  Grey’s Anatomy fan?  Liked Operation, the classic board game?

Check out Amateur Surgeon by Adult Swim.  There’s a FREE sample to get started.  It’s a fun, perverse game where you are a pizza dude who accidently runs over a hobo.  To save his life, you need to open him up with your pizza cutter.  You re-arrange his bones and innards and have tools like painkillers, scapels, clamps, and stitches.

Good-looking, humorous, and entertaining, it is a bit slow-loading and unimaginative for what it is.  Improvements on this classic doctor game would make better use of sound, music, medical jokes, patient-doctor interaction, gross out surgeries, iPhone specific innovations like flicking, motion detection, conversations and involvement of friends.

Hey, it’s FREE.  Check it out for at least 10 minutes of good times.  I promise to write about better surgery or doctor games I find on the iPhone.


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