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Opinion: Gaikai will be in your home, unless Apple TV gets there first

Posted by Appgamr on July 16, 2009

Dave Perry, Acclaim Director, Gaikai Leader, Video Game Visionary

Dave Perry, Acclaim Director, Gaikai Leader

Facebook games prove the idea that, if you makes games available with one click, no registration, huge numbers of players will show up.  Hence the popularity of Pet Society and Mafia Wars.

Many high end game developers, known as AAA game developers, are slow to embrace one-click, no registration game access concept.  Partly, it is because games are big files that, without specific technology, take a long time to get over the wires and into your computer.

Gaikai is going to change all of this, unless Apple TV or dark horse OnLive gets there first.  Imagine a YouTube for video games, or more fittingly a Hulu for video games.  You go to the website, browse the AAA or famous premium games as you would at Hulu for TV shows, click and begin playing.  No trip to Best Buy or GameStop.

David Perry of Acclaim, a major video game publisher, is one of the vanguard.


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