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Review: Booyah Society, the iPhone/iPod Touch “Life Game”

Posted by Appgamr on July 28, 2009

Earn points for routine tasks.

Earn points for routine tasks.

I wanted to be the first to review Booyah, the iPhone/iPod Touch apps that give you points for the game of life.  You get points for Facebooking and Twittering; completing a five mile run; calling your mom; getting on an airplane, etc.

Booyah creators call it “the first social game based on your real-life achievements.”  It comes with built-in Facebook and Twitter communications, your own customizable 3-D avatar to represent you, interactive calendars, point systems for the various things on your calendar.

Booyah creators have impeccable game credentials: World of Warcraft and Diablo II design bragging rights.  For casual gamers, this means the Booyah folks are beloved for addictive, if warlock- and dungeon-filled, action games.

Pet Society is about getting points for activities with cute imaginary animal avatars: cuddling, feeding, grooming, visiting activities.  In some ways, Booyah is an online game influenced by reality TV.  It assumes people will be interested in people doing everyday things, but some people get more points than other people because of how they play the life game.

I tried testing Booyah just now, but the links to iTunes on were broken for the iPod Touch.  Booyah currently supports iPhone.  Will check back again.


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