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Fat Princess? Why not Fat Prince?

Posted by Appgamr on August 12, 2009

More cake, Fat Princess!

More cake, Fat Princess!

Dear Reader: Normally this blog covers all things iPhone, Facebook, Wii, and Online.  I don’t like to “make stuff up” and strive to blog only news and reviews that are original.  It’s a slow summer, so I haven’t found anything original and not overly technical or business-driven (i.e., Facebook buys FriendFeed!) recently in this world.

However, I’d like to weigh in (unintended pun, really) on Fat Princess, a PS3 game my friends Jon, Chris, and Bill have been playing.  It’s a nicely executed “Capture the Flag” game where you are an elven knight who must fight enemy knights who captured your fat princess.  You find and feed slices of cake to fatten the princess to immobilize her; the fatter she is, the harder she is for the enemies transport her.  As time goes by, she loses weight.  (Fast metabolism!)  You need to keep feeding her to prevent her from moving.

Though it’s a cute concept and features pastel colors and cartoon graphics straight out of “My Little Pony,” you kill your enemies by smashing them into gory red pulps.  Not exactly “E for Everyone,” though the lack of realism in the colors and graphics lessen the emotional punch of carnage.

If you like time-based games and think the idea of Fat Princess is cute, find details here:


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