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GaiaOnline: a place to hangout and play Flash games

Posted by Appgamr on July 30, 2009

Create a GaiaOnline avatar today!

Create a GaiaOnline avatar today!

GaiaOnline is an online world based on anime (Japanese cartoons) and arcades of free Flash games.  If you like YoVille, you’ll love GaiaOnline.  The community is on the young side: older than Club Penguin and Neopets, younger than SecondLife, cheaper and more feminine than core game MMOGs., Sony’s new MMOG, is probably the most similar.

Habbo Hotel and GaiaOnline tend to have the same users.

If you love anime and are between 10 and 15, interested in drawing and cartoons, this might be a community for you.


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OMGPOP and Booyah Society Are Kindred Spirits

Posted by Appgamr on July 30, 2009

Flirt while you game!

Flirt while you game!

In honor of Booyah, I’d like to discuss OMGPOP, previously known as IMINLIKEWITHYOU.  OMGPOP is a slick online casual game world where you get points for playing games with ostensibly attractive young people.  The idea was the social gaming would provide an environment for hipsters and casual gamers to flirt with each other, leading to (they hope) real-life dating.

It’s big in NYC and is probably the slickest implementation of Adobe Flex I am aware of.

I met Charles Forman, an OMGPOP founder, at TechCrunch’s annual awards show and thought he was smart and likeable.

OMGPOP, though brilliantly designed and executed, and addictive among its core crowd, never caught on.  In my opinion, OMGPOP might be a runaway hit if they hook up for aggressively with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, where people spend all day playing casual games and would embrace OMGPOP to flirt with other people in low pressure, interactive ways.

Intrigued?  Check out OMGPOP and learn at least what Flex is about.

OMGPOP and Booyah Society are both online games based on point systems.

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Review: Free Realms (Sony)

Posted by Appgamr on June 19, 2009

Talking farmers and cows!

Talking farmers and cows!

+ Heard about World of Warcraft?  Want a free version with cute animals and bright colors?  Want to join legions of women and tweens?  Try Free Realms, a free online world produced by Sony Online Entertainment, found at  Yup, just type in in your browser bar and you’re good to go.   The computer and a friendly talking squirrel (?) will tell you what to do.

Free Realms has taken the world by storm, attracting an unprecedented 3 million users in its first seven weeks of release.  Free Realms looks like Sony developers analysed World of Warcraft, an online virtual world that is and has been the world’s most popular game for many years standing.  They decided women and tweens would like a bright color scheme, bright blues and magentas instead of WoW’s dominant browns and grays, and talking animals and friendly farmers instead of orcs, elves, and trolls.

Hey, it’s free, with some paid up-sells, the talking squirrel guides you step by step with game instructions, learning how to play couldn’t be easier.  Personally, it’s a little too saccharine and sanitized for my taste, but I’m probably not the target market.  The target market is probably tweens, particularly girls, who watch Saturday morning cartoons.  I can also imagine adults getting hooked on Free Realms due to its pleasant themes, ease of use, popularity — 3 million users!, price — free!

I don’t think core gamers are playing Free Realms, but that fact is probably beside the point.  Sony is probably targeting new audiences that don’t historically play games.  3 million users in 7 weeks is a lot of users.  Wait and see if the growth peters out or if those 3 million users return week on week or month on month.

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